Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Diet Soda Cake

Its been a lazy few days...and you will see it only gets lazier.

When I was attending weight watchers meetings I was introduced to the "healthier" cake. I've been making it and surprising people left and right. I did these as cupcakes but one form that I do love to do is use a large triffle bowl and layer crumbled cake pieces with fat free cool whip. Not only does that produce an awesome presentation our dinner guests have loved them!

This is a simple one! Enjoy!

1 Can Diet Soda
1 Box Cake Mix
1 Tub Fat Free Cool Whip as topping

Mix your one can of diet soda with your one box of cake mix and place into pan and cook as you would normally. Top with Fat Free Cool Whip. My most popular combinations have been White Cake Mix + Diet Cheerwine and White Cake Mix + Diet Sunkist (I do miss the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper...that was my favorite!)

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